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Targeting Leads For Your Business Opportunity

How do we make sales for you? Well, in order to make a lot of sales, a deep understanding of target markets is necessary. Who are the best customers of your product or service? Why are they attracted to it? What’s their demographic profile? What about gender, age, location, and relationship status? We find out your customer's passion, and obtain an understanding of their needs.

We also consider the kinds of people that are easiest to deal with, because certain customers are easier to keep than others. We want you to be able to build a relationship with people that you like and understand.

Instead of throwing out a wide net to gain customers, we target a particular group of people for you. We create a demographic profile of the best customer. When we find leads that fit that profile we introduce them to your business opportunity. We tailor our sales strategies to your business. In this way we can set up your sales campaigns based on customer targeting instead of product targeting.

Creating Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel

After ascertaining your target market the Sales Team will design a sales funnel for your business opportunity. Your sales funnel includes a unique domain name, landing page, web site with sales copy, autoresponder, and follow up emails.

There are a lot of different sales funnels and you will be able to choose one that best fits your products and services. Nevertheless, there is always a similar pattern in the basic depiction of the sales funnel. Thus, we can use a general sales funnel model to begin to illustrate exactly how it works.

The basic idea of the sales funnel is that at the blue top (the widest part of the funnel) you have your target market. We will contact these business opportunity leads, qualify them, and then entice them to enter your funnel to investigate your business further. This first step represents a small commitment made which turns the lead into a prospect. This moves them down to the green portion of the funnel

Inside the funnel we will ask your prospect to take a specific action, such as signing up for additional information, taking a trial offer, or another action of this nature. If they choose to do this, the element of commitment is increased because they have taken the action that is asked of them. Those who make this commitment are imagined to have moved down to the next (red) level of the funnel.

We will immediately ask for the sale, if they do decide to purchase they would go to your existing replicated site and/or order form. If the prospect doesn't purchase at this time we will continue to contact them by phone or email for several days. During this time we will ask your prospect to increase their level of commitment (pushing them further down through the yellow, and brown levels of the funnel) with the goal that eventually these prospects will become your customers and/or team members. As the prospect moves through the funnel they are given numerous opportunities to go to your replicated site.

It should be clear that the whole sales funnel concept is based upon the idea that selling products and recruiting (whether online or offline) is a step-by-step process of moving people down the funnel or through a sales system. The sales funnels we build satisfy the needs of particular demographics that we are targeting.


Assigning A Sales Consultant To You!

Your consultant will act as your sales representative. They will be your point of contact, as well as coordinating with the sales team and telemarketers. When a prospect shows interest in your product or service, your sales consultant will help to close the sale for you.

They will provide you recruiting services by showcasing and selling your products to home based business leads that are acquired by our telemarketers. They will also build a relationship and answer any questions the lead has.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase: "People love to buy but they hate to be sold." Your Sales Team will not convince somebody to buy, they will connect and listen to prospects. They will solve their problem by introducing your product or service and then ask for the sale.

By ordering any of the Team Builder Traffic Package you get the time to work on tasks that only you can do. Leave the internet marketing, cold calling, recruiting, and selling to us!

As soon as your Sales Consultant is assigned to you they will start increasing their knowledge of the products or services you sell. They will ascertain the demographics of your best customers and communicate this to the sales team, telemarketers and the Sales Manager.

One of the important things for you to do is to start building relationships with new customers that we find for you. You want your new customers to remain happy, so that they continue being loyal to your business.

Your Sales Consultant will:

  • Be your point of contact.

  • Work with our sales team and telemarketers.

  • Provide recruiting services to you.

  • Follow up with your prospects.

  • Help close sales for you.

“If you spend your time, worth $20-25 per hour, doing something that someone else will do for $10 per hour, it’s simply a poor use of resources.”— Timothy Ferriss - The 4 Hour Work Week

Implementing Marketing & Traffic Campaigns

Once we have established who your target market is, we use various methods to acquire leads and send them to your sales funnel.

Lead Capture Pages (landing page) that contain attention-grabbing headlines, high-impact cover graphics, a bulleted list of benefits that the potential leads will receive, along with a call to action above a subscription form. The goal of this page is to get people to take an action so that leads can be fed into the sales funnel.

We use these landing pages to redirect leads into your sales funnel after which they will be contacted by your sales consultant.

Auto-Responders are used to send emails at specified intervals after someone fills in a form to request further information. We use auto-responders to deliver training, share information, promote new products and services, send free reports, follow up with leads, entice people to take a certain action, and to create relationships.

Emails are sent to the targeted home based business leads we acquire through cold calling and internet marketing. These people are encouraged to enter the sales funnel where your business will be presented to them.

Our emails consist of six parts: the sender's name, subject line, content, links, signature, and a p.s. The subject line is important because this, along with who sent the email, will determine whether the recepient reads or trashes the email. We make sure that our subject lines are descriptive, compelling, personal, professional, and concise.

When the lead first visited the landing page they were promised that they would get something by entering their contact information into the form. The content of the first email delivers on that promise. Subsequent emails will explain the benefits of your product or service.

The links in the email send the prospect to a website that further explains the content of the email, your website, and your purchase or signup page. We track the response to these links in order to determine how succesful the email is. The signature of the email starts to create the all important relationship.

The P.S of our emails are a call to action. It either re-states the main call to action that is in the content or in some cases it is the main call to action. Sometimes it's used to send the prospect to a free offer, introduce your blog, or to get additional information.

SEO (search engine optimization) is used to put some of our web sites on the first page of Google searches when certain keyword phrases are entered. We have created dozens of websites that are optimized with keyword phrases in their domains, headlines, and content that focus on buyer intent.

SEO is simply strategies to increase traffic to our websites. When someone does a search using one of these keyword phrases, our site is listed in the results. If the searcher is interested, they will go from the search engine result page to our website. Once there they will be encouraged to click on a banner ad that leads to a landing page or to fill out a form to receive an offer.

Google relies on many ranking factors to determine which website gets on the first page of the search results. These factors include which websites link back to the website, what words are used to link back, keyword placement within the site, which social sites link to the website, easy to read websites with logical navigation, whether the site can be viewed with many different browsers, fresh content on the site, and how fast the site loads in the browser.

We use these SEO stratgegies to drive traffic (leads) to your sales funnel and ultimately to your business.

Blogs are written by our Sales Consultants and Sales Managers to increase our search engine results. They contain value in the form of content that solves problems. These blogs are found by following a link from other blogs or websites, through referrals, via email, social media conversations, or as a result of search-engine results. A percentage of the blog audience will voluntarily enter your sales funnel and become prospects.

Telemarketers who make cold calls to business opportunity seekers. From our outside telemarketing call center we make thousands of calls per day. Rather than cold-calling unsuspecting leads who have no interest, our telemarketers only call people that have requested more information about business opportunities. We follow all recent changes to telemarketing laws and do-not-call list regulations.

The Sales Manager assigned to your account creates a phone script that is written specifically for your new sales funnel.

Our telemarketers:

  • Are persuasive yet friendly.

  • Speak clearly and intelligibly.

  • Are polite.

  • Smile while talking (a smile can be heard over the phone).

  • Know the specifics of your product or service.

TelemarketersYou don't have to waste your valuable time making cold calls or talking to unqualified prospects. Our Telemarketers will pre-qualify business opportunity leads and move them into your sales funnel.

Let our well trained, professional and courteous telemarketers and sales consultants do all your selling for you so you can make more money!

  • You don't have to deal with rejection.

  • You don't have to waste your time calling non-responsive leads.

  • You don't have to waste your time learning every internet marketing technique.

  • You can now spend your time building relationships which is the real secret to life-long success!

We identify your target market and call people who have already expressed interest in your product, service, or business opportunity. We find out their interests, skills, and budget and then we lead them through your unique sales funnel.

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  • With the Team Builders Packages...
  • A personal Sales Consultant will be assigned to you.
  • We identify your target market.
  • We design a sales funnel for your business.
  • We cold call business opportunity leads.
  • We pre-qualify these leads.
  • We follow up with your leads.
  • We send emails to your leads.
  • We make the sales.
  • You build the relationships.
  • Your business grows.
  • You make money.


Who Benefits From These Recruiting Services?

  • Those looking for part time income.

  • Internet marketers that don't want to make calls.

  • Experienced Network Marketing leaders.

  • Stay at home moms.


So, How Much Does The Team Builders Package Cost?

Set Up Fee

To design and set up your sales funnel, create sales scripts, and program the system is a one time fee of $595.00;

Fill out the form at the top of this page to learn how you can get the $595.00 set up fee waived!

Monthly Charge

To maintain your sales funnel you will be charged
$25.00 per month.